Are you licensed and insured? Yes we are.

How long does it take to get our images?
Wedding teasers (40-50 photos) are available to view within 7-10 days.
The full gallery takes 1-2 months

Do we get high resolution photos and the rights to print/share them?
Yes. Your photos are all high resolution and available for download via the web. From there, you can print/share/use them however you wish!

How many weddings have you shot?
I lost count a long time ago, but we have been in business for over ten years averaging 45-50 weddings per year. So somewhere in the range of 450-500 weddings.

What is your wedding photography style?
I love looking for magical rays of sunlight whenever possible! On a cloudy day, I look for other soft features in the environment to create that magical, light and airy look.

How do I book with you?  
Contact us at or fill out our contact for on the website. Let us know a little bit more about yourself and your wedding day and what you think you are looking for in a photographer. We have collection pricing on the website, but we can also customize too, so don't hesitate to ask. We can either go back and forth via email, schedule a phone call, or sit down for coffee to get to know each other better if you'd like. Once you have made your decision to book your photography with us, we have a contract for you to fill out online, and a $500 retainer is due to secure the date (paid via check, bank transfer, PayPal, Zelle, Venmo or CashApp, etc).

Who will be photographing our wedding?

Do you allow other photographers?
No.  We don’t want your final product to be negatively impacted by another photographer, guest, or vendor. We DO allow photobooth photography with a different company.

Do you travel outside of Central Florida?
Yes.  There is no travel fee if the venue is within 50 miles of downtown Orlando. For longer drives or air travel, there will be a custom travel quote based on the exact length of travel, mode of travel and possible hotel expenses when applicable.

Do you shoot weddings for less than 5 hours?
We do have a 5 hour minimum for all weekend weddings (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). During the week we have a bit more flexibility, so please inquire!

What kind of equipment do you use? What about backup equipment?
We shoot with Nikon professional cameras and an array of different lenses. We also have flashes, LED lights. We have backup options for all of our gear.

Do you backup our photos to keep them safe?Yes. While photographing your big day, the camera is capturing each image on two different memory cards simultaneously. This means, in the unlikely event of a card failure (it has never happened to us, but you can never be too safe), we have an extra copy to work with! Once we get back to the office, we download and backup your photos to a total of three locations. :)

If my venue is dark or the church won’t allow flash photography, can you still capture the photos we need?
Yes. We have tons of experience photographing in churches (most don't allow flash) and dark reception venues. No stress here. We add light when we can, and when we can't, we are equipped with the best gear to handle it.

How many images will be delivered?
This is going to vary a lot depending on the bridal party size, guest count, number of hours contracted, flow of the day, etc. A five hour wedding with one photographer could produce 350-500 images. An 8 hour wedding with two photographers could yield 600-1000 photos. We don't limit the number of photos taken, so you will get all the good stuff!

Do you edit all the images we receive?
Yes.  Every image in your gallery will be adjusted in such a way that it stays consistent with our style of photography.

Can we get the Raw files?
No. We do not give the raw files out. Half of the art lies in the editing process, and we love giving you photos that have our personal touch on them.

How many hours should we book for our wedding?
Please get in touch with us to discuss!  

Can we add extra time?
You can add extra time at any point including on the wedding day itself. We don't book any other events on the day of your wedding, so we can stay as long as you need us. (inquire about rates)