About me!

 Hello, I am Jessica!  I am a born and raised Florida girl, an idealist, a runner, a bit of a hippie, a sister, a wife and a proud mommy to the most amazing little girl and a little boy who just made his debut! I am also a grateful lover of life and humanity, and I believe in the goodness of people!

So, here is the truth about me and my love affair with the camera.  While do have a bachelor's degree in Visual Art and love all things art, design, nature, and light, this photography thing was actually never the plan.  In fact, I admit that I didn't even take any photography courses in college!  However, life often unfolds in ways that we never plan on or expect, and that can be so wonderful and exciting!  I met just the right people at just the right time which ultimately led to a camera in my hand and a twinkle in my eye.  

In February of 2009, I made the decision to go full time with photography and haven't looked back since.  I am still just as (if not more) in love with photography today.  I am so very blessed in life to have been given the honor of capturing people, their relationships, their personalities, and some of the most important moments of their lives.